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Waterproof flooring would be great for your home

If you’re looking for the ultimate in peace of mind, it could be that waterproof flooring is just what you’ve been needing all along. Some homeowners are quick to pass this material over, because they assume that it’s only necessary for those who live in areas that are easily flooded. While that’s definitely a good use of this product, it certainly isn’t the only one, and we’ll show you why.

Wright’s Furniture & Flooring has helped many homeowners over the years find just the flooring for needed for their home. The fact is, every homeowner is different, and every family has needs that are unique, and should be treated as such. We serve the areas of Effingham, Teutopolis, and Robinson, IL, with a showroom located in Dieterich, IL. We’d love for you to stop by and speak with one of our flooring specialists, who can help you find just the flooring you need for your home.

Waterproof isn’t just for flood prone areas

One of the questions we often get with regard to this particular floor covering is, “Isn’t water resistant flooring just as good?” It’s true that water resistant floors can withstand spills, moisture and humidity up to an entire day. However, after that time, it will start to soak up the water, if left standing, and eventually, damage will begin to set in and eventually show, necessitating removal and replacement of your flooring.

Waterproof flooring on the other hand, is completely impervious to water. It doesn’t matter if your child spills a glass of milk, your washing machine overflows, your water pipes freeze and burst, or even if you experience an actual flood. Your flooring will weather the emergency just fine, and no damage will be taken on. That’s the beauty of this material.
Waterproof flooring in Dieterich, IL from Wright's Furniture & Flooring
Another question we often get, is whether or not this floor covering is stylish. When some people hear the word “waterproof”, they automatically envision rubber or tiles. However, you can find this material in a variety of styles, designs, color options and so much more. In fact, you can get laminate, luxury vinyl planks and tile, all in the waterproof variety. This gives you a wide range of looks, and you’ll be able to find something that matches your existing décor perfectly.You might just find that waterproof flooring gives you the best of all the possible flooring options, right in one material.

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